Directions For Using The Ovoids And Shperes For Crystal Or Mirror Vision

Daylight and artificial light are both equally suitable. A North light is the best suited to the human eye.

Observer should sit back to the light, holding the Ovoid or Sphere in the palm of the hand, which may rest comfortably on the lap, or it can be placed on a table with a stand under it, and a back screen of black velvet or dark material. The latter materially assists by cutting off side lights and reflections. Steady gazing in complete silence is absolutely necess
ry, for unlike other occult phenomena, the distraction the attention of primary (ordinary) consciousness is a great disadvantage. Success depends chiefly upon idiosyncrasy or faculty in the gazers, for "Seers" are very often men and women of imperfect education, in fact they seem "born rather than made" but the faculty may be developed in many people, seemingly at first insensitive, by frequent short trials, say fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, or less if the get tired.

Success is indicated when the Sphere or Ovoid, ceasing to reflect, becomes milky, a clouded colour following (generally red, and its complementary green), turning to blackness, which seems to roll away like a curtain, disclosing to the view of the student, pictures, scenes, figures in action, sentences of warnings, advice, etc., etc.

Revival of latent or lapsed memory is one of the leading features of this experiment. A book of instructions, carefully copied by Raphael from the old astrological works, is prepared specially for his crystals, price 1s. 2d. post free.